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A game made for Ludum Jame 37 - "One Room".

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"Whoa dude! This game is so epic!" - Avocadosan

"My brain and fingers got so tangled up. I haven't seen a game this tough on LD in a while. Love it! great job!" - ohmmus

--- ABOUT ---

Play as zany filmmaker Quentin Tarantino trapped in a room which he can control with his mind. Can you escape?

An intimate story about a man on a journey.

--- CONTROLS ---

Position the digitus primus manus (thumb) of your left hand upon the space bar of your chosen Windows computing device. Rest the remaining fingers of said appendage upon the A to F keys. You shall be using the thumb to execute jump maneuvers, and non-thumbs to mind-alter your surroundings. Additionally, the right analogue of your left hand is used to control horizontal movement in a manner known as the "arrow keys".

One may execute a pause by striking the "escape" key.

--- SOURCE ---

Source code can be found here.

All graphics, music, sound effects, and levels were made within the 48-hour time period.

A base engine was used as allowed per the rules. Gameplay features were coded from scratch.

--- TOOLS ---

  • Game Maker Studio
  • Renoise
  • Paint.net
  • jfxr
  • Oblique Strategies

--- CONTACT ---

Questions? Comments? Hot chick?


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